Childhood Obesity


How to Prevent Obesity in Children

Obesity has become prevalent amongst children. Excessive sugars are known to be part of the problem. The decline in physical and outdoor activities are some of the key contributors to childhood obesity. These are common factors and children across the world have a problem handling obesity.

It is true that the axiom ‘prevention is better than cure’. To avoid obesity problems in children, prevention is the only reasonable way. There are different ways of controlling obesity in children. Creating the right environment, quality physical exercises, and right diets are the ultimate interventions you require.

How do you handle obesity in children?

childrenUnderstanding the causes of childhood obesity is the best way to control it. While most research has not pinpointed the causes of childhood obesity, it is true that an imbalance in energy intake and usage could cause this condition. In some cases, genetics have a role too. Obesity in children can be linked to the family genetics. Environmental factors and lifestyle changes, as well as the cultural issues, could be some of the reasons that contribute to obesity in children.

Other factors considered to play a role in childhood obesity include the Social and behavioral factors. These may vary as follows:

1 Diet

Uncontrolled diets in children is a key contributor to poor health including obesity problems. Calorie intake should be regulated to ensure that a balance between energy intake and how it is spent is maintained. Intake of fats should be regulated in children. Research has shown that taking fatty foods contributes to obesity. However, children have a very effective fat-burning mechanism but need to be regulated.

2. Physical exercise

It is important that your kid engages in sufficient physical activities. From research, the obese population is growing due to playing video games and watching TV instead of outdoor activities. While parents consider keeping their children home to watch TV, this has a huge impact on their health.

3. Other diet-related factors

Increased intake of soft drinks has been cited to be a cause of obesity in children. Uncontrolled use of soft drinks also causes type II diabetes. However, this is not a sole cause of the condition.

There are multiple causes of obesity in children. It is important to consult a nutritionist for the outright advice on how to control children diets and activities among other aspects. Obese children are known to be vulnerable to digestive and cardio during adulthood.