Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is not good for our health. Hence those who consume alcohol should get rid of the drinking habit. By stopping to drink alcohol, you don’t lose anything. It is believed that alcohol is not good for pregnant women, diabetic patients, and cardiac patients. Drunken driving can also lead to death.

Heavy drinking is also known to considerably increase the risk of cancers of mouth, breast, esophagus and pharynx, cardiac failure, stroke, high blood pressure, brain damage to unborn babies, liver ailments, pancreatic, fatal cardiovascular problems, accidental injuries, or even may lead to death and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Why should you stop drinking alcohol?

rehtyrjutkii768o79yk7Moderate alcohol drinking may not be harmful to your health. But those who drink heavily certainly invite problems to their health. Unrestricted and prolonged heavy drinking negatively affects your heart, brain, and other vital organs like the liver and pancreas. The mental health and thinking capability of a person are also affected as a result of alcohol. Other negative effects of drinking alcohol include unwanted pregnancy, violent behavior and getting infected with STDs.

People who don’t reduce their amount of alcohol consumption may be prone to severe health dangers and are susceptible to alcohol poisoning that may lead to death. Reports indicate that up to 88k people die each year in the United States due to alcohol-related disorders.  Heavy drinking slowly but gradually destroys most important body functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and maintenance of body temperature.  Signs of alcohol poisoning in addicted people may include seizures, repeated vomiting, and poor coordination.

If alcohol poisoning is not treated on time, it may lead to irregular breathing, dehydration, choke on vomit and hypoglycemia. It also leads to irregular menstrual cycle, miscarriage, infertility, memory loss, and premature delivery. It is, therefore, important that alcohol poisoning is diagnosed early to avoid any fatal health complication.

Tips on how you can cut back on alcohol drinking

1. The first thing you need to do is to set a drinking goal

Choose a limit for how much you drink. Giving up drinking completely is not easy especially if are a heavy drinker. Keep a diary of your drinking every day as this will help your reach your goal.

2. Make your intentions known

Inform your family and friends of your plans to stop drinking and give them a reason to stop drinking. They will help you turn down drinking.

3. Avoid temptations

rhe6rk7ut,ghgtehThis means opting out of your past habits and if possible changing your inner circle of friends. Try to identify the times when you usually drink and fill that gap by doing something else that will make your busy. Lastly, ensure that you’re sticking to your goals and reward progress. It is important to acknowledge that you’re making a change to your life and that you reward yourself once you see that you’re on the right track.